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Advocacy has been our main service since May 2017 when Ya_All stated functioning as a Whatsapp group. Most of our work has been around sensitization, community mobilization and mainstreaming , media and multi stakeholder relationships. We conduct both Online and Offline activities through social media campaigns, workshops, film screenings, fashion shows, sports , art and literature.

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Capacity building is a core component of Ya_All. One of our main objective is to strengthen the peer support system of young people and LGBTI community to be able to disseminate information, access services and voice for their rights. Training and capacity building workshops are the main tools of equipping and empowering the adolescets, youths and queer community.

Some of the Initiatives under Capacity building are:

1. Emerging Queer Leaders Project, North East

2. Project Seven Sisters

3. North East Peer Support Project

Capacity Building Ya_All team


We provide a safe space through our initiative called “Shelter Space” which is the first co-working and networking space owned and run by queer individuals in India. It act as the Resource Hub and support through free peer counseling, free peer to peer training, capacity building and advocacy to educate , equip and empower young people and de-stigmatize the conversations around Sexual & Reproductive health and rights, Mental health & well being , Drug Use & Harm Reduction of adolescents, youths and LGBTI/Queer individuals

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Research is a component of Ya_All that has been taken up recently. We consider research as one of the most important areas of our work/responsibilities that will enable us in strengthening or program implementation in delivering our services. To identify the issues, needs, services and programs around health (physical, Mental and Psychological) SRHR.

Some of our research areas are:

1. Health needs assessment of YLGBTI+ community in Manipur.

2. Health needs assessment of YPLHIV  in Manipur.

3. Understanding the well-being & perception of Mental Health & Mental illness to assess the perception and knowledge related to Mental Health and illness among the population of Manipur.

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We provide crisis support to LGBTQIA community which aims to protect and expand visibility for the community in our society by strengthening the crisis support system with availability of short-stay facilities for individuals in community who have faced discrimination or violence and ostracized from their homes or community. The crisis support centre also provide basic health care services, including HIV testing, emergency medication, mental health counselling, legal support, training sessions, events and a drop in centre. It also built peer support network from the community to extend the reach beyond and understand their needs.

Crisis Home Yaall


We have a story telling platform called Paomi Post by The Scriptr, a media initiative. It aims to cover human stories which is inspiring and brings hope, resilience & compassion that mainstream media failed to cover (Wari) and issues based short videos and reels to create awareness.

Paomi Post by The Scriptr

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Sagolband Tera Sapam Leirak, Imphal West, Manipur 795004


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